Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's a BOY!!!!!

I'm sure you have all heard (because it's taken me forever to post this) that it is a boy! I was 99% sure it was a boy and I was right. Here are the pictures from our 18 week ultrasound. We are going back to the doctor tomorrow to get information about our ultrasound. Here are the pictures!
This is a great shot of his "goods". He really showed them off for us! Mom asked the technician, "How accurate is this?" and her reply was "Oh, it's DEFINITELY a boy". :)

This is him looking straight at the camera. The 2 dark circles are his eye sockets.

This is his adorable profile! He looks just like daddy! He has pouty lips and a ball on the end of his nose. I think he's so dreamy!

He is laying on his tummy. He is also really low in my uterus.

This pic is a little weird. He is upside down and his rib cage is at the top of the screen. His face is curled towards his chest.

We are also 20 weeks now! I am 5 months along with 4 1/2 left to go! He is now the length of a banana! Can't wait to meet you baby boy.


  1. Congratulations Becky & Mark! So excited for you. And, you are having your baby at one of the BEST Kaiser hospitals!