Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lime = Change in Mood

So, I am now at week 12 and the baby is the length of a lime! I am very excited to be just 1 week away from my 2nd trimester! Unfortunately, I have now had my first real hormonal symptoms of being pregnant. I have become really tired and moody or emotional this week. So far every evening, I have had a little headache and then I get grouchy.

Last night, I had my first real meltdown. A few bothersome things had happened in the evening and I just lost it. It started by cutting out about 2 hours worth of laminated decorations for my classroom next year so I was tired. Then Mark came home and wanted to work in the garage again so I made me a smoothie for dinner and went out to help him. He knocked over my whole smoothie with his drill and I got agitated. We both came back in and I started cleaning up the ant mess from last week in the kitchen and Mark went to work in his office. I was annoyed after scrubbing the floor and scooping litter and then I found that Sandy knocked my new bagels on the floor and started biting them! Oh man, I was ready to give her back. I went upstairs to tell Mark that I wanted to give her back and he said, "Ok, well that's fine but I think you should think about it overnight." (What a smart guy!)
I went to do some other things and came back to him and asked, "I bought some Buterfinger ice cream today. Do you like Butterfinger? Oh wait! You don't really like Butterfinger!" And all he said was, "It's not my favorite". I just lost it! I hid my face in the corner around the door and started bawling! I was so irritated all night and I just couldn't hold it in anymore! Mark asked me what was wrong and I said "I don't knoooooooooow....." He just laughed and held me close and said, "I think I know..." Mark cuddled with me in bed and made me feel all better. :) He also brought me Butterfinger ice cream in bed. He's such a good hubby and I know he'll be a great father too! I just hope I don't do this to him too often!

I don't know why it has taken so long for me to have hormonal changes, but now that I'm approaching my 2nd trimester, maybe I will start to feel the pregnancy more. I just pray that my reaction to the changes will lighten up (for both our sakes)!

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